December 1, 2009

Tough love: High-gear, end of year VWC

I received a loving roundhouse kick to the ass today from my friends Rif and Jordan.

The topic:

Meeting my second MVO2 goal by the end of 2009 (80 sets of 7 with the 16kg).

So, I've got a month. Perfect! I have been uber-shamefully-lax with my own training, with travel, study, work, class, and teaching schedules taking over my waking hours. While it's not like I can cut that down any, I just have to suck it up and beat the fatigue right out of myself, and do more training. More volume. The kind of volume I should be doing - and used to do. Not just deadlifts and pullups and a few swings, snatches and getups here and there... I've got a big goal to meet, and virtually no room for distractability.

I actually did (just) 24 sets last night, before my 100 16kg presses, and it felt good to get some volume in again. Hands are still fairly well conditioned. I'm stoked to hit this hard, and to have such a short time period to accomplish it in.

Progress will be posted on the blog.

(Thanks, guys.)


The other 2009 goals that have NOT yet been met include:

2x BW deadlift (new deadline: March 2010)
20kg BU TGU (so close, so many times - I'll get this this month, also, I'm deciding. Maybe tonight.)
28kg press (this will have to wait for late in 2010 or even 2011)
28kg pistol (mid-year 2010)
40kg TGU (still not able to even floor-press it. This may be a year or two away, which is perfectly fine. The idea is that I continue to train TGUs, and I do love the heavy ones. Now that I'm the proud owner of a 32kg, I should have lots more time to practice.)

(met goals: 6 rep 16kg MVO2 80 sets, 16kg BU getup, 20kg BUP)

So, the focus for this last month of 2009 is:

7 rep 16kg MVO2 3 times a week
Deadlifts twice a week
Pullups, HLR twice a week
100 16kg presses, 2 or 3 times a week

[variety days: 24kg snatches, overhead squats with sots press, bent press, sets of 100 swings (loving this), 32kg TGU, and some bottoms-up work.]

UPDATE: I made it to 60 sets and shifted gears - too much snatching practice and too little swing practice. This turned out to be a good decision................