April 27, 2009

Another update on 2009 Goals

*Press the 28kg*
still not close. Did push press it the other day, and very nearly push-pressed the 32.... presses have been weak lately - I've been neglecting them.

*BU press the 20kg*
Achieved April 9, but this is not consistent - I miss it a lot (most?) of the time.

*BU TGU the 16kg on the left*
achieved in February

*BU TGU the 20kg on the right*
came incredibly close a while ago. Need to try it again!! Before the week is over.

*Pass my snatch test with the 24kg*
Well, the snatch test rules have changed again... I don't think I'll be doing 100 in 5 minutes this year. ;) What should this goal evolve to... maybe 100 with the 20? Suggestions welcome. :)

*Pistol the 28kg*
Haven't been training this at all. Okay seriously, have to find more time for presses and pistols!

*80 sets of 16kg MVO2, 6 reps*
achieved in March

*80 sets of 16kg MVO2, 7 reps*
Training has been going well - last session was 46 sets. This week hope to get to 56 sets.

*FMS arm-leg raise*
Still haven't tried at all. :/

*Turkish... I know I have the 40 in me. Why not train for that this year? Lots of 28kg TGUs to get there.*
I did a 36kg TGU on Sunday. I was pretty surprised with it, actually, and it felt AWESOME. First time having this heavy of a weight overhead. Pushing from kneeling to standing was pretty difficult, but successful! Strong all the way through, really, until my shoulder blades touched the ground again and I lost the bell. I'll keep working on these, I love heavy getups!

*2xBW Deadlift*
BW currently is around 143? And I've got 10-15 pounds to lose still. The DL training is good, though. This week is 1,2,3,1,2,3 with 170# (re-do from last week - pulls were slow, felt heavy) and 175#.

April 13, 2009

Kettlebell demonstration on The Biggest Loser

This is what NOT to do, guys.
Please, please do not let any of your friends take kettlebell training tips from Jillian Michaels. (Or any other non-RKC for that matter!)
Please do not use a tiny blue 10lb(?) kettlebell and expect to get any results. Please view this video as a great example of what to avoid!
If you have a trainer who advocates these ridiculous front raises - run away, and quickly!!

If you would like to learn the correct, safe, and effective way to incorporate kettlebells into your fitness routine, send me an
. Or, simply attend one of our group kettlebell classes, for all levels, at Clover Park in Santa Monica, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm.
Follow the link to KBLA on the right for more information and a map, if desired.
And if you bring one of those tiny bells with you... well, we'll help you find a more suitable use for it. ;)

April 10, 2009

Progress is addicting.

Still making progress on those 2009 goals.

My last 16kg MV02 session went to 40 sets of 7.
(Grip was a bit of a challenge - something wonky with my form, or is that just part of it?)

Last night I bottoms-up pressed the 20kg for the first time.
(and got it every try thereafter, for a total of 4.)

I'm adding a deadlift goal of 2xBW... my training is currently in two sets of 1, 2, 3 reps, and my last session was 150lbs. Curiosity got the best of me a few nights ago, and I achieved a strong single pull of 205lbs. I'll continue adding 5lbs per session until 185, then will start a new cycle, per Pavel's instruction.

I've lost about 5 pounds, (maybe a little more?), it's hard to say. But the muffin top I was sporting in my skinny jeans has vanished! 15 more to go.

Coming up - the 20kg BU TGU, and the 28kg pistol.

April 6, 2009

An MVO2 session I actually enjoyed

(Because usually, they're HardStyle agony!)

Okay, so I'm still below 40 sets... But, making improvement. Really, the session felt TERRIFIC, and I'm actually looking FORWARD to the next one! *gasp*

16kg MVO2
7 reps
34 sets