August 25, 2009

Mystery right arm weakness

*shrug* No idea.

Floor press - lost about 15# of strength, with no explanation.
Military press - most tries miss the 24kg press. (yet I still have a BU 20kg press.) The frustration after each miss is exquisite.
24kg continuous TGU - can only achieve 3, rather than 5.

What is going on???

My left arm (non-dominant) is all of a sudden stronger than my right. More precisely - it hasn't gotten stronger, my right side has gotten strangely weak. No injuries, nothing weird that I can think of....


August 5, 2009

Floor Press

I tried something new last night... after my deadlifts at Gold's Gym, I walked over to the "free weights," grabbed a 75lb dumbbell, and did a few sets of floor presses.


It seems like the floor press (pressing to firing range position) is the weakest part of my TGU. The other day, I tried a 36kg (79lb) TGU again, and couldn't even floor press the thing. After getting ten SOLID getups with the 32kg just a few days prior. Frustrated, I decided that's what I should start training, somehow.

So, the dumbell was a fine solution, I guess. I DON'T like the wrist extension, however. Uber uncomfortable. Not painful by any means, but just yucky. I realized how nice it is to be able to support such an enormous weight while holding your wrist neutral or in flexion, as with a kettlebell.

So, I'll train this several more times, maybe work up to 85lbs, and then give the 36kg another go. :) I've been lucky to have one of my student's 32kg bells for a couple days during the week lately to train TGUs with... and swings. I love heavy getups! (Thanks again, Spence!)