August 5, 2009

Floor Press

I tried something new last night... after my deadlifts at Gold's Gym, I walked over to the "free weights," grabbed a 75lb dumbbell, and did a few sets of floor presses.


It seems like the floor press (pressing to firing range position) is the weakest part of my TGU. The other day, I tried a 36kg (79lb) TGU again, and couldn't even floor press the thing. After getting ten SOLID getups with the 32kg just a few days prior. Frustrated, I decided that's what I should start training, somehow.

So, the dumbell was a fine solution, I guess. I DON'T like the wrist extension, however. Uber uncomfortable. Not painful by any means, but just yucky. I realized how nice it is to be able to support such an enormous weight while holding your wrist neutral or in flexion, as with a kettlebell.

So, I'll train this several more times, maybe work up to 85lbs, and then give the 36kg another go. :) I've been lucky to have one of my student's 32kg bells for a couple days during the week lately to train TGUs with... and swings. I love heavy getups! (Thanks again, Spence!)


Faizal S. Enu said...

Just curious, but why do you floor press it into position. Why don't you just use two hands to get in to the pistol grip position.

Heavy get ups are great for core strength and shoulder stability/mobility. It should not be limited by your ability to press it into position.

Not that the floor press is not a great exercise...

Just my thought!

Faizal S. Enu said...

This inspires me to try some heavy TGU. Going to try to get a 120lb Barbell TGU (2/3 BW) by the end of the month.

fawn said...

I have learned to really like floor presses. I haven't done a heavy tgu in ages.