August 25, 2009

Mystery right arm weakness

*shrug* No idea.

Floor press - lost about 15# of strength, with no explanation.
Military press - most tries miss the 24kg press. (yet I still have a BU 20kg press.) The frustration after each miss is exquisite.
24kg continuous TGU - can only achieve 3, rather than 5.

What is going on???

My left arm (non-dominant) is all of a sudden stronger than my right. More precisely - it hasn't gotten stronger, my right side has gotten strangely weak. No injuries, nothing weird that I can think of....



Laura said...

Could you be overtrained?

Nikki Shlosser said...

Uh, no. :B

Laura said...

Oh. Right. Then... undertrained? ;)

I've experienced the same phenomenon before, either as a result of being overtrained or being particularly stagnant. It'll come back with consistent training. That's the hope, anyway. :P

stickeerice said...

Are all systems a "go" at the left glut and neck?

fitness-siren said...

Nikki, I wanted to thank you for all your help during the RKC. I wish we took a picture together! I hope we can meet sometime when I drive down to SoCal. Thanks again!

Anna Dornier

Nikki Shlosser said...

Anna, I want you to know that you really shined by the end of the weekend. It was a pleasure working with you, and congratulations on achieving your RKC! You did an excellent job, and I hope to hear from you in the future. Please contact me any time you're in the area.
All the best,

Frankie Mecono RKC said...

I had a client with the same issue when we realized the weakness developed from running with her dog on a leash and using one of those tennis ball throwers for dogs all with the right arm.

Mamazon said...

OK, this is kind of a longish reply...I have a similar problem in my right (dominant) arm and Jen Waak, my RKC movement coach, is working with me using Z-Health to improve my right arm function.

When we first started (June 2009) I was so deconditioned (2 years of lying in bed after a emergency C-section and nearly having a stroke 3 days after my daughter was born, followed by 1/2 years of resting in a recliner seeing lots of docs to no avail) I had no grip and was dropping simple things like pencils. I couldn't successfully pour a glass of water without spilling. Now I have good grip in both hands and feel secure using knives and pouring hot beverages.

My mobility and stability are being restored (I could hardly walk at first and fell down a lot). My left arm is doing really well and the right was doing alright and is now mysteriously and only recently weak but not in any particular pain.

NO pain is a BIG improvement after 3 1/2 years of continual head to toe pain and suffering in a way that interfered with my quality of life and my ability to care for my daughter independently.

We haven't got to the bottom of the right arm/shoulder weakness yet but I'm sure we will. Everything else is resolving and in a time span that defies comprehension (we just started working on me in the first week of June 2009 and it's only been about 12 weeks). Maybe you could pick Jen's brain or another RKC/Z-Health coach nearer you. We're in Seattle.

Let me know how it goes...I'm fascinated with our bodies' abilities to communicate with us and to heal and strengthen themselves.