June 21, 2009


What to do when you're working on swings or snatches, and your hands are slippery or greasy?
I put on some sunscreen earlier, and even after washing my hands with lots of hot soapy lather, TWICE!, there was STILL some slippery residue left when I started snatching. So if washing it off doesn't work, what does?

Rubbing your palms in the grass. Like magic!

Today and Friday, practiced 24kg snatches. Focused on loading onto and punching from heels. I've noticed a tendency recently with heavy snatches to roll off them a bit, putting some weight onto the balls of my feet. I've even had to curl up my toes to help, and it DOES help - properly rooted heels made every rep better. Also focusing on a later hinge, and a perfectly vertical punch-through with a tall c-spine.

Other variety work: 16kg sots press, BW and 16kg pistols, 20kg + 16kg single leg deadlift (3 reps each side for a few sets - LOVE these.) 16kg inline (tightroped) kneeling presses (love these too). 16kg bottoms-up press. 24kg TGU 2 reps per side, continuous. Got a couple nice pullups at the gym during my deadlift session Friday, to collarbone. Should get back to practicing these more.


Josh said...

That is a fantastic tip. I could have used it at the RKC. On second thought, there probably wasn't enough grass in the world to soak up that level of sweat.

I was voted "dirtiest person on the field" two out of the three days. It was glorious!

I read lots of your tips leading up to the cert. Thanks for running such a great show here.

Josh Hanagarne, RKC!!!!

Nikki Shlosser said...

Thanks so much for the comment, Josh, and congratulations!!!!